Osomapto Attojiboni: Biography of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman PDF

Osomapto Attojiboni – The Unfinished Memoir is an autobiography of Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He was a great leader and the best Bengali men of all time. He is the first President of Independent Bangladesh.  Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of the Bengali nation, the founder of Bangladesh was not known in details to many of the common people. In 2004, four notebooks written by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman were suddenly discovered by his daughter Sheikh Hasina. The books were old, the pages were torn and the writings were often vague. It was known after reading those valuable notebooks that it was the unfinished autobiography of Bangabandhu, which he started writing when he was in Dhaka Central Jail in mid-1967, but could not finish. The book was published in 2012 and known as Osomapto Attojiboni by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The book has been translated in English and French.

Osomapto Attojiboni Biography of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman PDF

In the book’s autobiography writing, the identity of the authors of the authors, the births of childhood, school and college, as well as social and political activities, famines, Bihar and Calcutta riots, Partition, Calcutta-centric Provincial Muslim Chattra League and the Muslim League politics, The politics of Bengal, the mismanagement of central and provincial Muslim League government, language movement, the establishment of the Chattra League and the Awami League, the formation of a government in the form of United Front and the election, the formation of the government, the demise of the Adamjee, the central government’s discriminatory regime and the palace conspiracy details and the direct experience of the author has been included.

The author’s prison sentence, parents, children and all the hard times as supportive forces in their political life has been written. At the same time, the author’s description of travel to China, India and West Pakistan has given the book a special dimension.

Osomapto Attojiboni Biography of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman PDF

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was born in 1920. He gained BA from Calcutta University. He obtained his degree and studied at Law at Dhaka University. He is one of the founders of the political party founded in 1949, Awami Muslim League. His party Awami League won in the majority of the national and provincial elections in the 1970s. His achievements created a unique perspective of the emergence of independent and sovereign Bangladesh.

On 7 March 1971, in a historic speech, he declared a non-cooperation movement, “This struggle is our struggle for freedom, this struggle is the struggle for independence.” For that struggle, he asked the people to be ready with “whatever they have”. He declared independence on 26 March and was arrested by the Pakistani army.

Elected People Representatives elected Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman President on 10 April and formed the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. They issued the Declaration of Independence and led the war of liberation under the leadership of Bangabandhu.

Osomapto Attojiboni Biography of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman PDF

When the victory took place on Dec 16, Sheikh Mujib was released from prison in Pakistan and returned home on 10 January 1972. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman became a legend in the lifetime of the Bengali leader as an undisputed leader. In 1972, he was elected as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and President of Bangladesh in 1975. On 15 August 1975, he was martyred in a military coup.


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