Top 5 Part-Time Jobs For Bangladeshi Students For Easy Income

Bangladesh is a land of youth. Most of the population in this country are young. They study in different schools, colleges, universities and most of them earn their own income by themselves. Some of them also have to bear the expenses of their family members. They do different part-time jobs alongside their study. In this post from, you will know about top 5 part-time jobs for Bangladeshi students for easy income.


1. Tutoring: Being a tutor for any student needs a depth of knowledge on the subjects and the skill to teach easily. In Bangladesh, most of the students earn money by tutoring young kids. They get a handsome amount of salary at the end of the month, enough to cope with their own expenses. Moreover, it also helps them to sharpen their own knowledge which helps them in BCS or similar exams for other jobs in the future. So, tutoring is still the number one part-time job for Bangladeshi students.

2. Driving: With the advancements in technology, newer ways of earning money are being created. One of them is driving with the concept of ride sharing. Uber, Pathao, Muv, Let’s Go, SAM etc are very helpful for the students who are residing in Dhaka for their educational purpose. They can invest some thousands of taka and buy a motorcycle and start earning money for renting the back seats of that motorcycle. This one is getting popularity day by day. It does not require a huge knowledge, anyone who can ride a bike may do it. It has a flavor of independence and you get paid as soon as you reach your destination. No waiting for money at the end of the month.

3. Outsourcing: It is one of the older part-time jobs throughout the world. It requires knowledge of at least one specific work. Those who can give at least 4-5 hours before a computer can easily learn it and start outsourcing. Sometimes, it can earn huge amount of money which you can’t imagine to happen with a part-time job.

Top 5 Part-Time Jobs For Bangladeshi Students For Easy Income

4. Photography: If you see the world from a different angle, this one is for you. Photography (especially wedding photography or event photography) has become very popular in Bangladesh. It requires a good DSLR camera and a few lenses to start your career as a part-time photographer. You will gain experience with time and through mistakes. This is one of the most satisfying jobs also.

5. Others: In this category, you will get part-time job offers from various companies. Most of them require 3-6 hours of working. Call centers, super shops, restaurants, receptions etc are also among the favorite jobs list of most of the students who don’t have money to invest in a bike, laptop, camera and also don’t bother studying the junior class books for tutoring.

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  1. Thanks for giving the idea of early income. Most of the students are in a very poor situation and they want some economic Liberation. Your article will help them to find out the job they can do it.


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