Pohela Baishakh SMS 1426 Shuvo Noboborsho New Messages

Pohela Baishakh is the 1st day of Bengali New Year. This year, 1426 according to the Bengali Calendar, the Pohela Baishakh has come with great joy. On this day, people celebrate with their near and dear ones and goes out to different public places. At Dhaka, Bangladesh, Ramna Botomul becomes a meeting place for all Bengali culture loving people. They sing, dance and enjoy together. Many of us want to say Shuvo Noboborsho [means Happy New Year] to our friends and family. So, we need Pohela Baishakh SMS. Here are some of the best Shuvo Noboborsho/Pohela Baishakh SMS which has been collected by me from various sources.

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Pohela Baishakh SMS 1425 Shuvo Noboborsho New Messages

1. Baul ganer chonde tale, Notun bochor asche ghure, Udashi haoar sure sure, Ranga matir poth jure. Shuvo Noboborsho.

2. Boishakh dilo notuner dak, Purono dukkho jak muche jak, Khushir poroshe notun horoshe, Sokol byatha sudure milak. Shuvo Noboborsho.

3. Choitrer rater sheshe, Surjo asuk notun beshe, Sei surjer notun aloy, Noboborsho katuk valoy.

4. Puraton bochorer byrthota muche fele, Noboborsho elo safolyer dar khule. Shuvo Noboborsho.

5. Let’s pray to God that Happiness drown the world and Bangladesh rise as a model to the entire world in this Pohela Boishakh.

6. Let’s dump sadness, jump with happiness, shun fear and run with courage in your heart in this happy new year. Happy Pohela Boishakh.

7. Let’s pray to God to bless us with happiness, courage, and wealth in this Bengali New Year. Hearty Pohela Boishakh Greetings.

8. Eso eso noboborsho, ano songe mrito bonge nobo pran nobo horsho, utsobo nahi aar, jibono gurubhar, manober jibono bimorsho. Eso eso nababarsho.

9. Notun bochor sokol koruk dhulissat, Sukh, Anonde muche jak sakol Jatona, Shubho Nobo Borshe Sobar jonne Shuvo Kamona. Shuvo Nobo Borsho.

10. Dinguli jemoni houk thik e jai kete, Tobe bolo lav ki purono smriti gatha, A Bochore puran houk tomar sokol asha, New Year a Tomar jonno eta e kori Prottasa.

11. Tomar jonno Sokal, Dupur tomar jonno Sondha, Tomar jonno sokol Golap ar Rojonigondha, Tomar jonno sob sur tomar jonno chondo, Noton Bochor boye anuk Onabil Anondo.

12. Celebrate the joyful spirit of Baisakh with fun, it is the season to enjoy with your loved one’s friends and family. Happy Pohela Baisakh!

13. I wish you a very Happy Baisakh. May God accept your good deeds, bring all the years full of love and contentment.

14. May you come up as bright as the sun, as cool as water and as sweet as honey. Hope this Baisakh fulfill all your desires and wishes. Happy Pohela Baisakh!

15. Sukher smriti rekho mone, Mishe theko apon jone, Maan-Obhiman sokol bhule, Khshir prodip rekho jele, Hazar Surjo tomar chokhe, Bandhu tumi theko sukhe. “Subho Nababarsho”.

16. Natun Asha, Natun Pran, Natun Sure, Natun Gaan, Natun Ushar, Natun Aalo, Natun Bachor, Katuk Bhalo. “SUBHO POHELA BAISAKH”.

17. Aaj theke onek dure, smritir kathar pore, abcha hoye amay jodi abar mone pore, 1bar kaan pete suno amar dak, bujhiye bolo samay take ektu theme thak. Subho Nababarso.

18. Baisakh dilo natuner dak, Purono dukho jak muche jak. khushir parase natun harase vore jak mon pran. SUBHO NABABARSHO.

19.  Kalighate notun khata, lunch e chai kalapata. Dhuti r gorod sari, Pizza noi sukto-bori. Continental chuloi jak, Aj amader POHELA BOISHAKH.

20.  Natun bhorer natun alo, natun ashar prodip jalo, natun surer natun gane, natun kore egiye cholo. Subho Nababarso.

21. Raterbela moner aloy jhikimiki sky, Tarara sob tired hoye sudhui tole haai, Gopon moner all wishes dilam tomay likhe, Naboborsher dinti katuk tomar sukhe. SUBHO NABABARSHO.

22.  Baro mashe tero parbon ebar elo bole. Bangalir ekti bochor boye gelo chole. Natun bachor anuk sudhu anonderi sporsho, Amar torof theke janai tomai Subho Nababorsho.

23. ting tong…
k… k…?
ami k?
ami sms…
ki chao?
1ta katha bolte…
Shuvo Noboborsho.

24. Rater sese misti hese takao chokh khule, Notun aloy notun bhore dukkho jabe bhule, Jhilmiliye hasbe abar, andhar hobe sesh, Ese geche Notun Bochorer notun SMS! SUBHO NABABARSHA!

25. Bochor shesher jhora pata bollo ure ese, Ekti bochor periye gelo haoar sathe veshe, Notun bochor asche take jotno kore rakho, Sopno gulo sofol kore vishon valo thako. Shuvo Noboborsho.

Thanks for reading this post about Pohela Baishakh SMS. Happy New Bangla Year 1426 to all.

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  1. Wow, what a page setup! I’m supprised by looking its setup & arrangement. also I got my favourate holy ‘SRIMADBAGBHAD GITA’ (pdf) here, so I Thankful to you for everything you’ve done here.

  2. It is a good post. Nice SMS collection. We hope you will bring more good post for us.

  3. Shuvo Noboborsho 1422.

  4. You would find the list of Shuvo Noboborsho and Quotes 2017 for your family, take a break from your busy life and show that you do care for them and greet them with Pohela Boishakh that are specially collected for your family. Wishing all my family members peace and love this holiday season. May you feel the joy in your home that you bring to me.

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