Prevent Fever & Diarrhea In Children During The Summer: 5 Tips

Fever and diarrhea are common in case of children during the summer. If you have a child, you must know some ways to prevent fever and diarrhea. In this post from, you will be provided with 5 tips to prevent fever and diarrhea in children during the summer.


5 Tips To Prevent Fever & Diarrhea In Children During The Summer

  1. Prevent Excessive Sweating: Excessive sweating leads to dehydration i.e lack of water content in our body. It causes dehydration fever in children. So, to prevent fever and dehydration, avoid excessive sweating by keeping the baby in a cool environment. 
  2. Touch With Clean Hands: Your hands are not free from germs. When you return from work, your body becomes full of millions of bacteria, virus, fungus, protozoa, etc. If you touch your baby with your contaminated hands, your baby will surely be attacked by these microbes. So, always clean the hands before you touch your baby. It’s better to take a bath every time you go outside your home.
  3. Intake Of Plenty of Water: As excessive heat of the summer causes excessive sweating, your body needs an extra amount of liquid to overcome dehydration. So, provide different types of liquids to your child during the summer like water, milk, soup, etc.
  4. Avoid Excessive Fruit Juice: A large amount of fruit juice contains high fluid but low fat and fiber. This condition often follows episodes of gastroenteritis. So, never provide a large amount of fruit juice to your child.
  5. Use Loose Cotton Clothes: Use loose and light-colored clothes during summer. Loose clothes allow air to enter inside and keep the body cool. Light-colored clothes reflect heat and keep the body cool. So, use these types of clothing during summer not only for your children but also for yourself.

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