Proper Handwashing Technique: How & When To Wash Hands

Handwashing is one of the major concerns in this world due to the increasing amount of contaminating diseases. We all know that we should wash our hands before and after some works. But, there are some other works where handwashing is equally important. So, in this post from, you will know about the proper handwashing technique along with the circumstances when handwashing is necessary.


1. Soak your forearms and hands under the running tap water.

2. Rub a soap or handwashing liquid detergent on your forearms and hands.

3. Continue rubbing for at least 20 seconds. Give special attention on the ridge between two fingers, under the nails and tip of the fingers.

4. Now wash your forearms & hands under the running tap water (which should be clean and contamination-free).

5. Don’t touch the tap with the washed hands. Use a piece of tissue or clean cloth to turn off the tap.

6. Now, sponge the forearms and hands with a clean towel or tissue.

7. Keep your hands in the open air for 1 minute in order to dry it.

Proper Handwashing Technique How & When To Wash Hands


1. Before and after eating foods.

2. Before and after touching newborn kids.

3. Before and after sleep.

4. After touching any birds and animals.

5. When the hands are dirty due to any reason.

6. Before and after cooking, serving, touching the utensils.

7. Before and after cleaning the nose, ears, eyes or other parts of the body with the fingers.

8. Before and after any patients.

9. After micturition and defecation.

10. After cleaning the house.

11. After shopping or touching the money and moneybag.

12. After sneezing.

13. After cutting or cleaning the nails.

So, thanks for reading this post about how to wash hands in a proper way and remain away from the diseases.

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