Prevent Kidney Diseases In 15 Ways: Protect Your Kidneys

Kidneys are the essential organs in a living body. They excrete waste products of metabolism and keep the body clean. If you want to live long without kidney diseases, you must follow some rules. Above all, these rules will save your life. So, let’s see how you can protect your kidneys and prevent kidney diseases:


Protect Your Kidneys Prevent Kidney Diseases In 15 Ways

1. First of all, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day. Probably drinking water will make you urinate frequently. But, it will save you from kidney diseases, in the long run.

2. Remain away from Coffee, Chocolate, and Sugar. Because they will harm your body and your kidneys will be affected at first.

3. Keep a good ratio of Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fat in your daily meal. Certainly, Balanced Diet can save you from any diseases.

4. The mild salty taste will be beneficial for you, but don’t take excess raw salt. Because it will cause hypertension.

5. Don’t take excess cold food and water. Hence always eat and drink normal food.

6. Fruit juice is beneficial for your kidneys. So, try to keep at least 115-gram fruit in your daily diet.

7. Take sea salt and oily foods in the winter season.

8. Add sea fish and vegetables in your daily diet.

9. Do not eat late at night i.e after waking up from sleep.

10. Make sure you have enough rest and sleep daily.

11. If you need pain killer for any reason, always take it after a meal and add acid-suppressing drugs with it.

12. Do not hold urine for any reason. So, if you have the urge to urinate, clear your bladder soon.

13. Do not drink alcohol.

14. Test your Serum Creatinine level after every 6 months to know the actual state of your kidneys.

15. Finally, seek help from a registered doctor if you have any pain in the loin, frequency, urgency, dribbling and other urinary symptoms.

Therefore, be careful from today if you want to live long without kidney diseases. So, Follow these simple tips and remain disease-free!

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