Ramadan Diet Plan: Remain Healthy By Eating Nutritious Foods

Ramadan is knocking at the door. In this holy month, people sacrifice themselves to Allah. The most important thing during this month is to remain healthy in spite of fasting. So, the food habit should be changed to a new style, which is sufficient and appropriate for us to maintain the nutrition of our body. Here are some points about choosing a healthy Ramadan Diet Plan:

Some people eat more during Ramadan. This is not correct. They should sacrifice their attraction to food and eat only for maintaining daily nutrition. They should stop over-eating. Children should eat like all other times of the year. Only adults who will fast should follow some guidelines.

Ramadan Diet Plan Remain Healthy By Eating Nutritious Foods


Sehri is the most important time for taking a nutritious diet. Because you have to fast for a long time after that. So, you should give emphasis on the diet plan here. Avoid spicy and oily foods during Sehri. Your diet may contain:

1. 2-4 breads/1-2 Plate Rice

2. Dal, Vegetables, Chicken

3. A cup of milk or Lassi

4. Fruits

5. Water or Juice


You are tired enough after fasting all day, so you need something which will provide quick energy to you. Here are some suggestions on your Iftar Diet:

Lemon Juice, 2-5 Dates, Peaju, Muri, Chola, Fruits, Noodles, Soup, Jilapi, etc. Eat all kinds of foods in a small amount to gain quick energy. Fried foods should be avoided as these contain a high amount of oil. You may change the taste by some fruits at the end of the meal. Drinking tea will make you fresh also.


Your body has got some energy during Iftar. Now you have to take some nutritious foods to maintain health. The Dinner Diet may contain the followings:

You should eat the conventional Dinner Diet except for red meats. Some may have chicken or pigeon in your diet. You should not eat large fishes, rather choose small ones for this month. After the dinner, have some curds (Doi) for easy digestion.

You should follow these tips to remain healthy during this month of Ramadan.

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