5 Ways To Reduce Internet Data Usage On Phone & Computer

Internet data use can be reduced to a great extent if you follow some tricks. It will save a handsome amount of money each month. To reduce internet data, you must follow some rules. Here are those:

1. Use WiFi If Available: When you are in a WiFi area, use it for the downloading purpose to reduce the cost of your internet data.

5 Ways To Reduce Internet Data Usage On Phone & Computer

2. Disable Images: Disable Images from the browser settings to load web pages faster with lesser data. If you can’t work without images, choose a low-resolution image from the settings.

3. Disable Push Content & Auto Update: Some apps have the Push Content feature. They send information to your phone which needs data to download. Disable this feature from the settings of those apps. Besides, Auto Update may be turned off to reduce data.

4. Avoid Video Streaming: Video Streaming can be avoided to save internet data on your mobile phone as well as your computer. Video Streaming requires a lot of data which can be a headache for you.

5. Use Opera Mini On Phone: Opera Mini shrinks the web pages and saves a handsome amount of data. You can see these statistics from the Settings>About in Opera Mini. It will also help you to reduce your data.

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