Reduce Period Pain: 8 Tips To Relief Menstrual Cramps Without Medicine

Many women suffer from multiple accessory problems during the period. Most of the time, it is pain in the abdomen. Many women take pain killers without the doctor’s advice to get relief from severe pain. Doctors emphasize lifestyle changes rather than taking medication to relieve pain. There are some tips which can reduce the pain of the period. In this post from, you will get to know about 8 tips to relief and reduce period pain or menstrual cramps easily.

Reduce Period Pain


1. Oil Massage: Massage a few drops of Lavender oil or Cinnamon oil on the abdomen during periods of pain. It will lessen your pain in 3-5 minutes.

2. Hot Water: You can a hot water bag during stomach ache. This will greatly reduce your pain. You can also bathe in hot water.

Hot water bag to reduce period pain

3. Ginger: Ginger is very beneficial to prevent pain. Drinking ginger tea is a great benefit too. You can also boil a few slices of ginger in hot water and drink it three to four times a day with honey and sugar to reduce period pain or menstrual cramps.

4. Papaya: Eating papaya is very effective for reducing period pain. You can eat raw papaya regularly during the period. Raw papaya reduces the pain of the period.

5. Aloe vera juice: Mix the honey with the aloe vera and make a juice. Drink it during periods of pain. Drink it a few times a day. This drink will greatly reduce period pain.

6. Avoid coffee: Avoid caffeine drinks at this time. Coffee mainly contains caffeine, which stimulates the blood vessels. And it increases the feeling of discomfort in the stomach.

7. Water and liquids: Drink plenty of water so that the body does not dry up.

8. Vitamins & Minerals: It is also important to eat vitamin and mineral-rich foods at this time. Try to keep mineral and vitamin-rich foods in your daily diet list.

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