Reduce Website Page Loading Time: Top 10 Useful Tips

Any website requires visitors. But if the page loading time of a website increase, it can lose visitors rapidly. There are many causes of increased page loading time of any website. You have to maintain some rules on your website to reduce your page loading time. Then your website pages will open quickly and more people will enter your website, increasing the popularity of your website and your business. So, here are some of the killer tips on how to reduce the website’s page loading time:

Reduce Website Page Loading Time Top 10 Useful Tips


1. Use fewer widgets: Widgets are the useful services you want to provide your visitors besides the main content. But too many widgets will reduce your page’s loading time. Choose widgets to display according to their importance.

2. Keep Javascripts in the footer: Allowing javascript in the header or in the body of the page will increase your page’s loading time. It’s better to use those in the footer portion of your website.

3: Use fewer posts on the homepage: Don’t keep too many posts on the homepage. It is better to have less than 10 posts on the homepage with a navigation system to go to the next page.

4. Use “Read More” tag: Don’t keep the whole post on the home page. Use “Read more” tag to keep a short paragraph on the home page.

5. Use fewer advertisements: Advertisements are necessary but too many advertisements will make your website heavier. It will hamper your visitors and they will leave your website sooner than you expected.

6. Avoid pop-up widgets: Pop-up widgets will make the website slower. It’s also not essential. So, avoid it to get a faster website.

7. Use fewer images: More images will make your page loading time increased. So, use less and necessary images.

8. Image Formats and Sizes: Use PNG, JPEG or GIF images. These are the widely used images over the internet. Use the exact size of any image required for your website. Never resize it after uploading. Resize it first, then upload.

9. Use proper theme/template: Use a light template/theme in order to get a fast website. The heavy theme will produce an increased loading time.

10. Use a good server: Good servers will transfer your data more quickly. So, use good servers for a fast and visitor-friendly website.

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