Resize Your Photos Easily With Pixresizer

Most of us have got a camera & we also use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & many more social networking sites. When we upload large size photos in these sites, it takes a long time. It’s also not necessary to upload high-quality photos there.

So, we need to resize our photos before uploading. It means, we need to make a photo of 5 MB to 1 MB without no or little change in quality for easy uploading.

Resize photos with pixresizer

With PIXRESIZER, you can do this. This is free software that can resize thousands of photos at a time.
At first, you have to download this freeware from here.

Then open the zip file & extract elements.
You will get the SETUP file. Run this file to install Pixresizer.
Double click the shortcut icon from desktop to open Pixresizer.

At the top, you have to select whether you want to work with one file or work with multiple files.

Then choose the photo/photos from the folder.
Then choose the size of the new photo.
Now choose the format of the new photo.
Now click on SAVE PICTURE to get your resized photo!

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