RSRM: IPO Application Form, Prospectus And Result

The Bangladesh Securities Exchange Commission (BSEC) approved IPO “Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited on Tuesday 06th May 2014 on their 516 nos Meeting presided by BSEC Chairman Prof. M Khairul Hossain. The commission also take decision the securities regulator will request the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to extend the time frame of preserving 20 percent quota for affected investors in the upcoming IPOs up to June 30,2015 and the requirement of Basel-II, the City Bank will issue Tk. 3.0 billion non-convertible Coupon Bearing Subordinated Bond among the existing shareholders and others through private placement.


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Company Information, IPO Application Form, Prospectus & Result are as Under:

COMPANY NAME: Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited or called RSRM is the flagship company of Ratanpur Group started its operation January 1984 to meet the growing demand for high quality M.S. deformed bars in the country.

ABOUT RSRM: RSRM is widely recognized as one of the leading steel manufactures in the country and has embarked upon a series of initiatives aimed at increasing its production capacity to 1000tons per day and yearly capacity of 300000 tons of world class products. To keep up with the demand of the current world market RSRM facilities has come to include induction melting furnaces a ladle refining furnace, a continuous casting plant and rolling mills with a latest automated features.

PRODUCT: Thermo Mechaanically Treated (TMT): TMT steel is the new generation of steel having superier properties wuch as weldability, strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, etc. which meet the higest international quality standards. TMT rebars are especially suited for heavy construction like bridges, dams and high rise building. TMT is also used in small scale construction because of its superior ductility which makes it ideal for seismic zones.

TMT 40 GRADE: Rebar with grade 40 designation offers minimum yield strength of 40,000 pounds per square inch and conforms to ASTM A-615 performance standards. Its metric counterpart is grade 280 rebar, i.e. equivalent to minimum yield strength of 280 megapascals. This makes grade 40 rebar an excellent choice for light to medium-duty concrete reinforcing applications.

TMT 60 GRADE: Rebar with grade 60 designation offers minimum yield strength of 60,000 pounds per square inch and conforms to ASTM A-615 performance standards. Its metric counterpart is grade 415 rebar, i.e. equivalent to minimum yield strength of 415 megapascals. This makes grade 60 rebar an excellent choice for medium to high -duty concrete reinforcing applications.


Today Ratanpur Group comprises of ten successful ventures, some of which are competing in both local and international markets to establish their foothold. They are:

Ratanpur Jute Spinners Ltd.
Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills Ltd.
Ratanpur Shipping Lines Ltd.
Ratanpur Ship Re-cycling Industries Ltd.
Ratanpur Shipping Services Ltd.
Modern Steel Mills Ltd.
Ratanpur Real Estate Ltd.
Ratanpur Poultry & Argo Products Ltd.
M. Rahman Steel Mills Ltd.
Sapphire Corporations Ltd.

MISSION: RSRM will continue to be the first name in the region’s steel industry by harnessing our assets and resources to achieve profitable growth, operational and organizational excellence, and good corporate citizenship.

VISION: To be the trend setter and the power force of the steel re-rolling industry.

CERTIFICATIONS: RSRM achived  verious certificate are:

◊ BIS Certificate
◊ BSTI Certificate
◊ Environment Certificate
◊ Trademark Registration
◊ Factory establishment Certificate
◊ Fire Service and Civil Defencse License
◊ Xpower TMT Trademarks Registration
(Source: RSRM web site)


HEAD OFFICE: Nahar Mansion, 16 CDA Avenue, Muradpur, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Phone: +880 31 653355-7, Fax: +880 31 650001

DHAKA OFFICE: Rupayan Golden Age (7th Floor), 99 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.

Phone: +88-02- (9892936, 9890457, 8812621), Fax: +88-02- 8828292

FACTORY: 176 Bazid Bostami Industrial Area, Chittagong.



COMPANY EPS & NAV PER SHARE: As per financial statement for the year ended on 30 June 2013 and audited financial statement of previous five years the Company’s weighted average Earning Per Shares (EPS) Tk. 4.58 (Consolicated) and re-valued Net Assets Value (NAV) Tk. 53.69 respectively.

ISSUE MANAGER: Janata Capital and Investment Ltd. and Trust Bank Investment Ltd  working as the manager of the issue of RSRM.

WHY PUBLIC OFFERING: Bangladesh Securities Exchange Commission (BSEC) approved IPO of above Co. on 6th May 2014 . The Company’s will raise a fund worth BDT 100.00 crore (1 billion) for the purpose of Boost the Capital Base, Repay Bank Loan and IPO EXPENSES meet from IPO Proceeds.

NOS. OF SHARE OFFER: 25,000,000 (Twenty Five Million) Ordinary Shares

VALUE OF IPO: BDT 1,000,000,000.- (BDT 1 Billion)




SHARE ALLOTMENT: 60% General Public = 75,000 lot, 20% Affected = 25,000 lot, 10% NRB =12,500 lot and 10% Mutual Fund = 12,500 lot of total public offering.

SUBSCRIPTION DATE: The Company’s Subscription will be start from 13 July 2014 to 17 July 2014 and NRB till 26 July 2014.


Resident Bangladesh (RB) Form

Affected Form

NRB Form

Bank List

Ratanpur Steel Re-Rolling Mills LTD. PROSPECTUS




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