Selfie Tips: 10 Ways To Take Attractive Selfies

Selfie tips are here! Selfie is one of the current trends. It means any photograph of a person taken by that person. So, it may be called self-capturing. As people are being busy with various works, photography has become a part and parcel of their life. Every single well-to-do person has a camera or camera phone. So, when they find something interesting, they capture the photographs easily.

To make this moment memorizable, they capture selfies, keeping an interesting event in the background. Sometimes, people take selfies for no reason at all. Selfie madness has just become limitless in this way. So, you want to take good selfies. But, for this reason, you need to make sure you know some basic rules of photography. I will discuss some selfie tips which will help you to capture awesome selfies easily. Here are those:

Selfie Tips 10 Ways To Take Attractive Selfies


1. CAMERA: Camera is one of the first things that you need to capture a selfie. Nowadays, camera price has been reduced to a level that every person can buy one. But, to take good photographs, you need good cameras. Always use the rear camera or the main camera instead of the front camera to take good quality selfies. If you use your phone for taking a selfie, then follow this tip also. Mind it, the camera contributes a lot on the quality of a selfie. So, use a good camera for it.

2. BACKGROUND: Background is another important thing. A beautiful background will make a beautiful selfie whereas a bad background may ruin your selfie. It matters that you chose a nice background at first before posing for a selfie. Always try to select a high contrast background so that your face can be differentiated easily from it.

3. FLASH: Use of flash may be needed in a dark environment. But, it may ruin your selfie in a bright sunny environment. So, use this function wisely while capturing selfies.

4. SMILE: A smiling face is always beautiful. So, smile while taking selfies. But, don’t smile in every environment. Use your common sense to understand when to smile and when not to.

5. LIGHT: Light is important for selfies. If you stand facing the sun, then you may get a good selfie. But if the sun is behind you, your face will be dark. So, select your standing position wisely.

6. EDITOR: Photos taken by you are not 100% correct. It may contain unnecessary materials at the background, which may need to be removed before sharing. So, use photo editors for this purpose. Crop, brighten or resize your photos to make it more beautiful.

7. PRIVACY: Don’t take selfies in a private area. Always respect the privacy of other people. So, know about the area before taking selfies. Your selfie may contain other people’s faces. You may be harassed if this happens.

8. POSITION OF HAND: Hand position is important for capturing full of your face and body. Try to adjust the position of your hand, including the distance and the direction of the camera. It needs practice for many days.

9. GROUP SELFIE: Taking a selfie in groups can be more effective as it contains many faces. So, when you share it, you may get a better response from other people. Group selfies are also important for remembering old friends.

10. WATCH OTHER SELFIES: It is one of the best methods of learning how to take good selfies. Always search google for good selfies. Watch them carefully and analyze the methods or styles used for taking those selfies. It will help you take those types of selfies in the future. It’s another great selfie tips.

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