Sort Your Facebook Friends According To Their Birthdays

If you have a Facebook ID, you must have some friends. In fact, most of the people have a few hundred and some people have up to 5000 friends. You can know their birthdays whenever you want by visiting their Facebook profile. But, by reading this post of HITBANGLA.COM, you will be able to know the way to sort them according to their birth dates.

Many people believe that people who born in the same month or with the same zodiac signs, shares common mentality. Although there are some controversies over it. But, if you believe that it is real, you may like to check out your friend list in a sorted manner. So, here is the simple way to do it:


1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Visit this link. You will be able to see 12 groups of friends each for a month of the year.

Know Your Facebook Friends Birthdays According To Months

3. You can hover on each photo to know the name of your friends. The photos are arranged serially from the first day to the last day of a month.

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