Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions For Website Developers

Google Chrome has a huge number of extensions of various categories in Chrome Web Store. But all of them are not good enough. If you are a blogger or web developer, you need some extensions of Google Chrome which can offer you quick tasks. In this post, I will discuss top 10 Google Chrome Extensions in my opinion. Let’s see what are those:

1. Alexa Traffic Rank: It is a must for every web developers. offers this widget for making the ranking of websites all over the world. You can know more about it in this post.

2. Page Rank Status: This tiny widget will provide you with your website’s rank in globally renowned ranking systems. It also measures page speed directly. Site info of any site can be seen from this widget.

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions For Website Developers

3. Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate: If you are a blogger and planning to write a tutorial post, this widget will be handy as it can capture full webpage screenshot, visible part screenshot and selected area. It has an editor too which can be needed during marking or writing on the screenshots.

4. Page Speed Insights: To measure your website’s Google page speed from your browser, it is a must. After installation, go to Chrome menu>Tools>Developer tools>Page Speed Insights tab to measure the page speed.

5. Image Resolution: This tiny extension offers you the resolution and file size of any image of any websites if you hover your cursor over the image. Really essential for web developers.

6. Domain Availability Checker and Whois Lookup: If you are planning to buy domains, this extension will help you. It can also give you whois information of any website.

7. ColorZilla: This extension is helpful for knowing the colour code of any colour. Web designers love this extension.

8. LastPass: If you have registered to a lot of websites with different usernames and passwords, this password manager will keep you free from remembering all those passwords.

9. Checker Plus for Gmail: If you need real-time notifications of the incoming emails in your inbox, this extension will help you.

10. Speed Dial: This is needed for making beautiful and customizable tabs of the websites you visit regularly. This will reduce your time for finding any website in the bookmark list.

If you know any extension which is better and more essential than these, please comment below with the extension name.

Thank you for reading this post.

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