Top 10 Must Have Plugins For WordPress Websites Or Blogs

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to create a blog or website. One of the advantages of WordPress is the presence of thousands of plugins. You can enhance your blog by adding various plugins. Some plugins are compulsory for a good website and some are optional for enhancing the privileges. In this post of SUJONHERA.COM, you will be provided with the top 10 must have plugins for WordPress websites or blogs:

1. Anti-Spam Plugin: There are many plugins within this category. You can choose one as you wish. The main function of these plugins is the same. It prevents or blocks spam comments on your blog. There are millions of spammers around the world. If your blog is a popular one, they will ruin it by spamming. So, this is one of the top 10 plugins you need for a popular blog.

Top 10 Must Have Plugins For WordPress Websites Or Blogs

2. Sitemap Plugin: Sitemap is the page from which Google and other search engines collect links from your blog. So, it is a must to have a plugin for a better Search Engine Optimization.

3. Cache Plugin: You can not compromise with the speed of your website. You must use a cache plugin for your blog in order to make it fast for your regular visitors.

4. Share Plugin: Sharing is caring. This plugin will add share buttons to every page of your website. It will bring thousands of visitors from social communication websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg, Pinterest, etc.

5. SEO Plugin: SEO plugins will take care of the keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions and help your web pages to obtain a higher rank in the search results.

6. Mobile Theme Plugin: Search Engine Giant Google has given emphasize on the mobile-responsiveness of the websites in its last update. So, a website which is shown quickly and user-friendly from mobile will be kept in an upper position in the search result than those which are not mobile friendly. So, using a mobile theme plugin is necessary for every WordPress website.

7. Database Optimizer Plugin: Database is the file containing information of your blog. It must be backed up and optimized regularly. To maintain these things regularly, you need a database optimization plugin.

8. Ad Injection Plugin: If you want to earn from your blog, you will definitely need ads. Google Adsense is one of the most popular advertising programs which will give you a handsome amount of money. But, how will you insert the ad codes in hundreds of your post? Well, ad injection plugin will take care of it.

9. Anti-Hack Plugin: Anti-hack plugins are required for protecting your website from the hackers. You need not worry a bit if you installed an anti-hack plugin in your blog.

10. Popular & Related Post Plugin: Popular Post plugin and Related Post plugin should be used to make your visitors visit other pages of your blog. It will decrease the bounce rate of your blog, which is important for SEO purpose.


All the types of plugins described above can be downloaded for free from

You will get thousands of popular as well as new plugins there. So, happy blogging!

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