Top 10 Simple Tips To Write A Killer Blog Post

The blog post is the main content of any blog. If you own a blog, you might know the basic tricks of writing a killer blog post. If you don’t have a blog or new in blogging, you might have some confusion about killer blog posts. Killer blog posts are those posts, which contain detail information regarding any topic. A reader will surely like that post and find all the answers he/she needs from that single post. He/She will share that post with his/her friends, thus you will gain some new visitors in your blog. Here are some simple tips to write a killer blog post:

1. NEVER COPY-PASTE: Number 1 point should be this. If you want your post to appear in the top 10 search results of any search engine, you must not copy-paste a single line from any blog/website. Write the article from your own thoughts. You can collect information from different websites. But copy-pasting is not necessary to be at the top.

2. READ MORE: You must read about the topic at first. You can search Google on the topic and collect information from different blogs. Then, close all those tabs and write what you memorize in your own language.

3. WRITE SIMPLY: It is not easy to write any sentence simply. But you must try to keep it palatable for most of the readers. Use the first word that comes in your mind. Your readers will also know the meaning of that word, in most of the cases. Use simple words to write a simple article.

4. USE SMALL PARAGRAPHS: Don’t write a long paragraph. Rather, break it into 2-3 paragraphs. It is annoying for any person to read a long paragraph. Small paragraphs are easy to read and understand the meaning of the article.

5. USE HEADLINES: Headlines should be easy and short. It should summarize the whole content in each paragraph. Give a headline at the starting point of each paragraph.

6. USE POINTS: Use points to describe anything. Write numbers before each point. It will give the article a better look and attract the readers to read the contents.

7. ATTRACTIVE POST TITLE: An attracting post title will increase the possibility of increased visitors in your post. A visitor will search Google for the content of your post. If you write an attracting post title, he/she will surely click your link and enter your blog. But always try to use related words in the title. Otherwise, your bounce rate may be increased surely!

8. USE RELATED IMAGES: Images can express more information than texts. If you are writing a tutorial, use related screenshots taken by you. It will make the tutorial easier to understand and your visitors will like that post.

9. INTRODUCTION AND CONCLUSION: A nice introduction and conclusion are necessary for any post. Give an idea about the post content in the introduction section [1st paragraph]. Make a summary of the whole post and thank the visitor in the conclusion [last paragraph].

10. PROOFREADING: It is the most important step, which we forget frequently. Always check and re-check for any grammatical mistakes and typing errors. It will ensure a smooth reading experience for your visitors.

Thank you for reading this post about writing a killer blog post.

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