Top 5 Disadvantages Of Blogging As A Profession

Blogging is one of the best professions in the modern world. You can live a relaxed life if you are a successful blogger. But, this profession has some disadvantages also. In this post from, you will know about top 5 disadvantages of blogging as a profession. Let’s check those out.


Top 5 Disadvantages Of Blogging As A Profession

1. Weight Gain:

As blogging requires sitting in front of the computer for many hours, you will get less time to move. It will also make you lazy and you will find it too difficult to perform physical exercise. The result will be weight gain. This disadvantage can be prevented if you perform physical exercise for at least 1 hour every day.

2. Harmful For Eyes:

As you know, blogging means looking at the computer screen with full concentration. As a result, your blinking rate will fall down and your eyesight will be affected in the long run. You have to adjust the brightness of your computer screen and use sunglasses while blogging to prevent this disadvantage.

3. Addiction:

Blogging may become an addiction for you. If you get success in this field, your desire for doing better will increase day by day. As a result, your time for other works will be reduced. You can prevent this disadvantage by working for a fixed amount of period every day and avoiding overtime.

4. Anti-social Life:

Social life is greatly affected by blogging. Your family members and friends will complain about your addiction of blogging within a few days. You will miss some programs and partiesĀ for the sake of your blog. To prevent this, try maintaining everything while you get some break from your blogging.

5. Economic Uncertainty:

Blogging can give you money. But, that will happen after a long time. At the starting, you will suffer a lot for your economic problems. Again, your blog may be blacklisted if anything wrong is found in it. Then, your earning will be greatly affected and you will face economic uncertainty.

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