Top 5 Free Android Apps To Watch Live TV Channels Worldwide

There are many Android Apps to watch live TV channels worldwide. Some of them are free, and some require money. The free ones often come with ads and bother the viewer. The paid ones need money to watch in Full HD resolution and without ads. In this post from, I will discuss 5 of the top free Android Apps to watch Live TV Channels worldwide.

NOTE: The first 4 of the apps are not available in Google Play Store. You can download them from the links below.


  1. Oreo TV: Oreo TV is one of the most excellent free Android Apps in this category. It offers many channels live from different countries. It is trendy for the Indian channels, especially the Hotstar channels and the Zee channels. The app comes with ads, but they only happen when you start playing a channel. It doesn’t bother you every time. Besides, there are some modded apps on different websites that offer Ad-free apps of OREO TV. You can also try those.
  2. AOS TV: AOS TV is another popular app in this category. It also offers many channels from different countries. It also offers live events in a systematic order, which helps you to find your desired content without much effort. This app is also a free app and comes with ads. It also has modded versions in third party websites that are ad-free.
  3. HD STREAMZ: HD STREAMZ is primarily known for the HD Channels. It also offers some quality resolution channels without any interruption. The app is a free one, and you can download the modded ones from other websites too.
  4. BDIX TV: BDIX TV is known for Bangladeshi channels as well as nearby country channels. They update the links regularly and helps Bangladeshi viewers watch these channels without interruption.
  5. IPTV: IPTV Players allow adding IPTV playlists and watch live channels. There are many IPTV Players available in Google Play Store. You can get the IPTV playlists in different Facebook Groups and on Google.

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