Top 5 Magical Tricks To Wake Up Early In The Morning

Early to bed and early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Getting up early in the morning is the first problem we face every day. This problem often gives rise to some more problems. Eventually, we can’t do many things due to lack of time. But if we could wake up early in the morning or dawn, we could do far more works every day than before. So, we need to rise early from sleep. This can be possible by following some magical tricks. These tricks are:

1. Alarm Clock Therapy: Alarm clock is the most used device to rise early in the morning at a fixed time. Nowadays, mobile phones contain an alarm clock. So, it became easier to get up early in the morning. Although, some people snooze/stop the alarm and start sleeping again. You can keep the alarm clock at a distance from your bed before sleeping. That will prevent you stopping the alarm when you are asleep.

2. Sunlight Therapy: This is another way of getting up early in the morning. All you have to do is just open all the windows of your bedroom. Sunlight will enter the room and fall on your face in the morning. So, you will wake up easily.

Top 5 Magical Tricks To Wake Up Early In The Morning

3. TV wake up timer Therapy: You can set the wake-up timer of your television before sleeping. The TV will automatically be turned on at the selected time. So, your sleep will go away very quickly.

4. FNF Therapy: Ask your friends and family [who regularly wake up at dawn] to call you every day early in the morning. Ask them to call again and again until you pick up the phone and become fully awake.

5. Biological Clock Therapy: This is a higher level therapy, which does not require any external device. All you need is complete control over your mind. Then ask your mind to wake up at a fixed time. Now sleep. You will wake up at exactly the same time you wanted to. It requires the practice of many years to make it possible. But it is very useful when you lack all the above therapies!

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