Top 5 Popular Search Engines To Search Anything

Search engines are the websites which contain huge numbers of links of useful and popular websites. The objective is to find anything quickly with minimum efforts. To perform this huge task, search engines are working 24×7 gathering helpful web links and which is called indexing. To find anything online, you must search by keyword on any search engine. There are many search engines in the world by now. But, all of them are not popular for their poor indexing power and availability. Here are the top 5 search engines in the world.

Top 5 Popular Search Engines To Search Anything

1. Google:

Google is the Search Engine Giant. This website is ranked number one in the world as almost all internet users enter this website at least once a day to find any unknown information. There is hardly any important website or information on the internet which is not indexed by Google. Google is not only a mere search engine. It has some other linked websites too like Blogger, Picasa, YouTube and many more.

2. Yahoo!:

Yahoo! is one of the few old search engines in the world. It was popular before. But, with the rapid improvement of Google, it is now in the second position in this list.

3. Bing:

Bing is also a popular web search engine. This website also contains millions of useful links.

4. Ask:

Many people like for various types of information. So, is one of the popular search engines in the world.

5. AOL:

Microsoft Corporation has its own search engine called AOL. Although it is not as popular as Google, still it has acceptance to many people.

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