Create GIF Images Online: Top 7 Animation Making Sites

GIF Images (Graphics Interchange Format) were first introduced in 1987 and soon became a popular format in the world. It is mostly used in the world wide web for games, logos, film clips and so on. It supports animation, so it’s an important format for all. Well, you can create gif images online with the help of some websites. Here is an example of the gif image!

Top Sites to Create GIF Images Online Top Sites to Create GIF Images Online


1. It’s another famous site to Create GIF Images Online. You can select 10 images here and resize the photos, change the speed and so on. You can take photos from Flicker and Picasa and create gif images online here.

2. You can give effects to your photos, resize, add color and so on in this site. Your images must be below 400 kilobytes.

You can add images from links on this site.

3. You can upload up to 10 images here. You can select images from your Flicker and Picasa account and also from any web link. You can download the gif easily and will get the embed code also.

4. Its advantages are: You can select up to 12 images to make gif images online, animations, etc. You can select frame size here in the advanced tools.

5. You can select images of up to 1024 Kilobytes here from your computer, URL, Flicker, Webcam, etc. You will get some good features like crop, rotate, flip, etc.

6.  You can create avatar images online from this site. And other tools are here like other sites to create gif images online.

7. You can make your animations more beautiful by adding cool effects here. You can add up to 10 images here and can see the effects once you will visit the site. Again, you can upload images from all places here.

So, what are you waiting for? So, make gif images online from any/all of the above-mentioned sites and have fun!

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  1. These sites make everything easier for me. It is really hard to do it on your own and doing it using a program is more convenient. Thanks for sharing this list and information here.


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