Top 5 Trending Popular Mobile Phone Brands In Bangladesh

The mobile phone market is continuously changing in the world. And Bangladesh is one of the rapidly developing countries in terms of technology. So, In Bangladesh, mobile phone is a part and parcel for most of the people. In Bangladesh, most of the young generation like Android mobile phone. If you are thinking of buying a mobile phone in Bangladesh, then this post will be helpful. Because in this post from, you will get the list of top 5 trending popular mobile phone brands in Bangladesh. So, without further due, let’s check the list now.

Top 5 Trending Popular Mobile Phone Brands In Bangladesh


  1. Symphony: If the question is for any type of mobile phone, the number one spot goes to Symphony. It is due to its monopolistic market of feature phones. Most of the older generation people like the featured phone for easy usability and lower price. And for featured phone, Symphony is still the top seller in Bangladesh. But in case of Android phone, the condition is not so.
  2. Xiaomi: Like many of the other countries, Xiaomi is a good choice for mid-budget customers who also want performance for their money. Xiaomi is relatively newer than many others. But it has gained the trust of the huge population in Bangladesh. Some of the Xiaomi phones always lead the Android market. That’s why Xiaomi is in the 2nd spot on this list.
  3. Samsung: Samsung recently gained popularity with some budget-friendly mobile phones. But, some of the phones cost more money than many other brands phones of the same specifications. So, it is on the 3rd spot in this list.
  4. Huawei: Huwaei is another popular mobile phone brand in Bangladesh over the last few years. It provides some good Android phones at a reasonable price. So, it is on the 4th spot on this list.
  5. Walton: Walton was one of the top 2 mobile phone brands some years back. But, now it’s popularity has dropped in a great amount. Still, it competes with others with the feature phones and some of the Android phones.

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