50 Tricks For Men And Women For Happy Married Life

Marriage is a relation between 2 persons. It is usually the linking of a man and a woman previously unknown to each other for a couple of years from birth. So, it is not necessary that they will live a happy life in spite of the differences in their characters. But, everyone needs to live a happy married life. Otherwise, there may be complications resulting in divorce. A happy conjugal life can be lived if you follow some tricks. Of course, this is not possible if you two do not love each other. Love is the first and foremost feeling to live a happy life. Here are some other tricks for men and women to live a Happy Married Life:

50 Tricks For Men And Women For Happy Married Life


1. SMS her with lovely words at least once a day.

2. Hug her whenever you meet her after a long time.

3. Cook the dinner when your wife is busy and you have time.

4. Help her in household manners.

5. Say “I love you” hundred times a day.

6. Call her with a special nickname with love.

7. Remember the special days of your life like her birthday, your first date with her, your marriage day, etc.

8. Play with your kids and look after them to keep your wife free.

9. When she is upset, sit beside her and ask for the reason. Do not advice her unless she asks for it.

10. Go for a movie or go to market, the restaurant at least once a week.

11. Help her do the heavy works which are difficult for her to do.

12. Bring some flowers for her when you come back from work.

13. Bring dinner from a restaurant if your wife is busy with other works.

14. Tell her how much you trust her.

15. Kiss her for no reason. Kiss her whenever you get close to her.

16. Stay back when she is on a phone call with someone. Do not interfere.

17. Bring home a romantic movie to watch together.

18. Wash your clothes by yourself. Buy a washing machine if possible.

19. Do the job she asks you to do. If you have other works, try to cancel it. If it’s not possible, find another way or tell her sorry and explain her the reason.

20. Gift her from time to time with the things she likes.

Tricks For Men And Women For Happy Married Life

21. Hold her hands in public. She feels nice if you show others that you love her.

22. Keep her photo in your wallet. Keep your couple photos in your bedroom.

23. Be manly at night. Make your wife feel that she is the happiest girl in this world.

24. Try to consult with her before any important decision. Take her opinion and give her a chance to make a decision.

25. Take her to her parents once a month.


1. Call or SMS him during the day.

2. Tell him how you feel when he touches you.

3. Cook the dinner before your husband comes from work. Decorate the dining table with candles.

4. Hug him when he comes from his work.

5. Say “Good Bye” and give him a kiss while he leaves for work.

6. Say “I love you” whenever you can.

7. When you go shopping, ask him if he wants to go with you or not.

8. Gift him a shirt or something he likes.

9. Asks him about his works and check if he is upset or happy with it.

10. Dress smartly and make yourself attractive to him.

11. Tell him about the positive virtues you like about him.

12. Make 2 cups of tea while he is watching TV or busy with his work on the laptop.

13. Ask him “Is there anything you can do to help him?”

14. Smile when you look at him.

15. Praise your husband while you gossip with someone.

16. Tell him that he is the best husband you could ever imagine for you.

17. Touch him whenever you can. Touch his hairs with your fingers when he is upset.

18. Prepare his lunch and pack it before he goes for work.

19. Play video games with him.

20. Take your past albums and show him. Watch the photos together and try to remember about the golden days.

Tricks For Men And Women For Happy Married Life

21. Share remotes when you watch TV.

22. Avoid costly materials if your husband is not in good economic condition.

23. Be soft at night. Gift your body and mind to your husband totally.

24. Look after his parents and your children with care.

25. Do not show temper if he does anything wrong, rather explain it to him gently and suggest a better way you know.

So, these rules are very simple for all. Astonishingly, if you can follow these, you will be one of the best couples in the world. Happy married life to you all!

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