Whistle Camera: Take Photos Without Touching Your Phone

Whistle Camera is an Android app which can take photos automatically by listening to a whistle like sound. So, you don’t need to touch the shutter button on the phone camera. This app is useful in many conditions when you face difficulty in touching the shutter button located on the phone screen. The most common problem for the low budget Android phone users nowadays is the poor quality of the front camera. So, they can’t take good selfie photos with their phone’s front camera. Sometimes, they use their phone’s rear camera to take selfies. At that time, they have to touch the shutter button on the phone screen while facing it against them. It becomes very difficult for them.

With this app, they can simply take any photo by whistling while the app is running. You just have to open the app and keep the phone in the desired position. Then you have to whistle. The app will automatically press the shutter button for you and you will be amused to see that the photo has been taken. Here is how the app looks like:

Whistle Camera Take Photos Without Touching Your Phone

Here is the setting option. You can change the language, picture resolution, and whistle detection sensitivity. You can also turn the countdown sound on or off. Also, you can select the folder where you want to save the photos.

Whistle Camera Take Photos Without Touching Your Phone


  1. Whistle detecting camera.
  2. High-quality pictures.
  3. Autofocus.
  4. Easy holding and taking pictures just with one hand.
  5. Using the volume up button for a more easy way to take a picture.
  6. Picture sites hands-free while driving using the whistle.
  7. Selfie pictures using cam countdown.
  8. Both landscape and portrait orientation supported.
  9. A very useful and fast picture gallery.
  10. Share your photos.
  11. Easy edit your photos.
  12. create predefined or customized filters to your photo (easy to use).
  13. Add a nice frame to your photo.




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