White Hair: 5 Reasons Why Your Hair Become White In Early Age

Probably no one wants the hair to lose its natural color. But still, the hair loses its natural color for various reasons. We know that there is a relation of melanin with the hair. Melanin is a pigment that gives the natural color to the hair. As we grow older, the production of melanin decreases. The risk of whitening of hair or losing its natural color increases by 10-20% each decade after the age of 30 years. As the process continues, the old man’s hair becomes white/gray. But many people lose their natural color prematurely or at an early age or before puberty. But why is that so? To inform you, this post from MaxBangla.com discusses five reasons for white hair at a young age or before normal.

White Hair 5 Reasons Why Your Hair Become White In Early Age


1. Your parents’ hair is prematurely white:

Do you wonder why your hair is turning whitish at such a young age? One of the reasons that your black hair starts to turn white at a young age is that your parent’s hair has also become prematurely white. For genetic reasons, your black hair can be prematurely gray or whitish.

2. You have autoimmune conditions:

An autoimmune skin disease called Alopecia Areata can also be the cause of whitish hair. People with this condition develop small, round and smooth patches on the skin of their head – that is, small and round baldness on the head. Even in this disease, you may be completely bald. When a human immune system invades his/her hair follicles, alopecia areata develops, causing hair to fall. If the hair is restored to the affected spot, it is usually white. So, if you have hair fall out of your head or tuck in small places, talk to a dermatologist.

3. Your environment is polluted:

Environmental pollutants or toxins can make your hair old at an early age. These chemicals can produce free radicals or cause oxidative stress, which disrupts melanin production and accelerates hair loss. After the hair is removed from the scalp, it is no longer alive. Basically, chemical contact with the hair follicle makes the hair white.

4. You are in super stress:

When Barack Obama took over as the president of the United States, his hair was black. But, five years later, his hair was completely white. Experts speculate that the cause of this dramatic change in Obama’s hair is super stress or excessive emotional stress. Stress causes genetic destiny to speed up – that is, if you do not have premature white hair on your forehead, stress may make your hair whitish at a young age.

5. You and your family smoke:

Smoking in your family can also be responsible for your hair becoming prematurely whitish. Smoking can affect the hair color if you or your family members smoke. A study published in 27 found that smokers’ hair becomes prematurely white, 2.5 times more likely than non-smokers. Because it is likely that cigarette fires can produce a lot of free radicals. So if you don’t want to look like an old man at a young age, think about quitting smoking.

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