Attractive Post Titles: 5 Ways To Write Titles & Increase Hits

Titles or headlines are the initial collections of words that a visitor see at first. If you don’t write a good and attractive title, the visitor will not click it and read the post. So, it is an important part of any post. To write an attractive title, you need to follow some tricks. In this post from, you will know about 5 of the most effective ways to write attractive post titles and increase hits on your website. So, let’s get started!

1. Helping Titles: Always try to write Titles with a solution to a problem. All the people who are browsing your website are looking for help or solution. There is only a few who have a free time to just look at whatever you write on your website. So, your target should be those majority of the people who are looking forward to an answer to a question. Example: Watch the title of this post which you are reading right now.

2. Research With Multiple Titles: Use the words that specify the benefits or the solution to any problem. Write in a way which sounds attractive as well as realistic. Make a list of the probable titles and search Google with all of them to find out which one has less number of matching results. Do some more edits on that particular title until it looks more attractive. Your title is all that forces the visitors to click the “read more” link. So, give your 100% while constructing a title.

3. Keywords Are The Kings: Keywords are the most valuable words in a post title. So, try to keep them at first. Sometimes, it is not possible to keep the keywords at the beginning of the title. In those cases, use an attractive word at the beginning.

4. Short Titles: Keep the title short and devoid of the extra amount of unnecessary words. A total of 66 characters are supported in Google Search. So, do not exceed that number. Use easy and common words to make your title palatable.

5. Use Numbers: Include numbers at the beginning to attract most of the visitors.

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