How To Write Unique Blog Posts Easily: 10 Tips

Unique blog posts mean those posts which only belong to you. No other blogs will contain these posts. You need to follow some rules while writing unique blog posts. Nowadays, many people are coming into blogging. So, it is a challenge for any blogger to write unique blog posts. You have to make sure that your content is not present in any other blogs. Here are 5 tips for writing a unique blog post:

How To Write Unique Blog Posts Easily: 10 Tips

1. Search Google: You need a unique idea for writing unique posts. To have a unique idea, you need to read the trending news all over the world. Google search is the best way of learning over the internet. So, use Google Search to know more about the current hot topics and write posts on those topics.

2. Think Different: All people are thinking alike. You need to think a little different to write a unique post. Just, think for an uncommon topic. Then search Google for it. If you get a lot of search results, then look for another topic. If you get fewer results, then you can write unique posts on that topic. As this will be less competitive and will earn you more visitors.

3. Write Yourself: Many people can’t write in English, they just use some article re-writer software and change an article often lowering the quality. So, write yourself. It may be difficult. But practice makes a man perfect.

4. Use Synonyms: You can change any article making it your own by using synonyms. It works when you can’t write yourself. But it is not palatable most of the times. As synonyms are not always 100% able to replace the original word.

5. Use Screenshots: Images are a vital part of any blog post. You can use your own PC screenshots when writing about a tutorial. It will also make the post a unique one.

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